Positive Peering and Roderick Bridges Give Back

Even though we live in the South, the winter nights can get pretty cold in DeKalb County. And as anyone driving alongside Roderick Bridges on his way to work knows, bus stops can be crowded with kids struggling to stay warm. 

That’s why Positive Peering, together with Our Sisters Project and Remember Me, organized Cozy Coats & Comforters. Just before Christmas, caring residents gathered together to provide warm coats and blankets for those in need, as well as toys to brighten the children’s Christmas mornings. The turnout by generous community members was amazing. “It was an amazing example of everyday people helping each other out. And doing so in a way that respects the dignity of those struggling to provide for their families.”

Roderick Bridges began serving as a mentor with Positive Peering during his time as DeKalb County judge. So he has seen the impact everyday people can have on the futures of our youth. Week by week, mentors provide young men and women with a listening ear and words of wisdom. But being able to also meet a few of the physical needs of these at-risk youth was a beautiful experience and much-needed help.

Like many metro-Atlanta communities, DeKalb County is home to a number of struggling single parents who want the best for the children but often find that providing for their family leaves little time. Little time to help with homework, talk about their relationships at school, dream about the future, make a plan for building a healthy and successful life.

Positive Peering steps in to help, meeting kids where they’re at, providing an encouraging word, reinforcing principles of discipline, and stoking the fires of success.

If you know of a young one who could use a steady hand to help guide them through middle and high school, let us know!

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